Welcome To Bethel Middle School

DedrickA small1I would like to personally welcome you to Bethel Middle School! We are so proud to have such amazing students and staff here at Bethel, but most specifically, our Middle School students are a one-of-a-kind group with a wonderful spirit and passion for school and for life. Bethel Middle School was created to give our students the opportunity to grow and develop in an educational environment that is focused on the unique needs and values that Middle School students have. We believe that education for the young adolescent should be developmentally responsive in the decisions we make as well as challenging in both the curriculum we teach and the expectations we have for our school culture and climate. We strive to empower our young adolescents to take responsibility for their lives and challenges as creators of knowledge. And lastly, we believe in equitable education for all students by advocating for and ensuring all students have access to appropriately challenging and relevant learning opportunities.


Research shows us that many of the jobs in today’s world did not exit 10 years ago…and that schools are now charged with the responsibility of preparing students for jobs that haven’t been created yet. So how do we educate our children to succeed in a world that is changing so fast? Bethel Local Schools is committed to providing an education that leads students through the 21st Century and prepares them for that world beyond. We strive to deliver a curriculum that is rigorous and relevant to each student at every grade level. We promise to create an academic program that promotes student growth, infuses technology and develops global connectivity to produce world-ready students. Bethel Schools’ educational philosophy is built upon six pillars:

 Collaboration   Civic Responsibility
 Critical Thinking                          Entrepreneurial Competitiveness
 Creativity   Global Connectedness



We promise to create an educational experience that will be built upon these pillars so that every student is ready for the road ahead.




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Mrs. Alexis L. Dedrick                                   




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