Have you ever heard the saying, “The story is always better than the truth”? Somewhere in the midst of people’s perceptions, emotions, stories and opinions is the truth about an issue or hot topic.Knowing that information can easily be misconstrued in today’s technology-driven world, the Board of Education have created this webpage to address concerns and questions that community members have. Although you might not always agree with the Board’s responses, you will have information provided to enable you to formulate your own view and opinions of the things you hear and read.



FAQ 1 – What was the issue with the 2015-2017 negotiated contract regarding teachers’ salaries and who was responsible for the signing of that contract?


FAQ 2 - What is Bethel's new grading scale for 2017 - 2018?


FAQ 3 - How do Bethel Local School teacher salaries compare to salaries in other school districts with similar characteristics?


FAQ 4 - What is our present enrollment and how does it compare to the last five years?

FAQ 5 - What is total compensation for a Bethel teacher?


FAQ 6 - What does it cost to educate a pupil? What is the per pupil expense for Bethel?


FAQ 7 - Answers to questions from the Community Forum, October 2, 2017


FAQ 8 - How does our growth and enrollment compare to other districts across the state of Ohio?


FAQ 9 - What is the district policy regarding HOME-SCHOOL STUDENTS?



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