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Local Professional Development Committee - LPDC

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LPDC Bethel Local Schools Handbook 2015-2016 (Rev. 3/16)

LPDC Meeting Dates 2016-17


IPDP Activity Log


Licensure Renewal Information


1. Complete Requisition - Choose Appropriate Form & Submit to Building Secretary


       Elementary LPDC License Reimbursement Requisition


         Middle School LPDC License Reimbursement Requisition


         High School LPDC License Reimbursement Requisition

 2.  Apply For License Renewal


         Ohio Department of Education

              Bethel LPDC # Needed for Renewal:  014710


              Member will receive license via email and is responsible, by law, 

               to send a copy to the school district


3. Complete the License Reimbursement Form


         License Renewal Reimbursement Form


              Requisiton MUST be turned in PRIOR to applying for license

              Turn in the following forms to the Treasurer's Office for reimbursement:
                      License Renewal Reimbursement form

                      Newly Issued License
                      Proof of Payment


Fingerprinting - Required Every 5 Years

 Evidence of a current BCI fingerprint check no older than one year will be
             required for both licensure and renewal


            At the time of fingerprinting, request that a copy be sent to school district



Tipp City Exempted Village Schools

90 South Tippecanoe Dr.

Tipp City, OH  45371

937.667.8444                BCI - $33.00     FBI - $33.00


Miami County Educational Service Center 

2000 West Stanfield Rd

Troy, OH  45373

937.339.5100 x1343

Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Certification Secretary







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