BLS Weekly COVID Update

BLS Weekly Covid Update 

We take our commitment to communicating accurate, clear, and concise information to you seriously and we appreciate your patience as we share the most accurate, up-to-date  information in this week's report. 

Ohio has continued to track the number of positive cases since early this year.  In September, Governor Mike DeWine issued an order for Ohio schools to report confirmed positive cases.  Every Thursday the case numbers are updated and published on  the state of Ohio's COVID-19 resource page.  

The state's report indicates the number of confirmed positive cases of students, teachers, and administrators.  To clarify, Ohio’s order does not require schools to share confirmed of all positive staff members, only our teachers and administrators. Although the state does not require us to release positive case numbers of all staff members, our District Superintendent Mr Firks, felt it was in the best interest of our community to do. Therefore, the numbers shared by Bethel Local Schools may differ from those reflected in the state's report. 

If you have any questions regarding quarantine guidelines, please contact theMiami County Department of Health.

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