Good morning from your SEAC counselors. Our Wellness Wednesday topic today is on Anxiety. Our hope is to provide a few tips and strategies to help you support your student(s) through this stressful time.

Separation and school anxiety are a struggle for students every year, but are on the rise this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This year many of our students are experiencing anxiety and worry who may have never experienced it before.

A few quick tips to ease your child’s anxiety:

  • Validate and empathize with their concerns. It is important to continue reminding your student that these feelings are normal when almost everything about school has changed for them. They need to feel supported right now, even if we don’t fully understand what they are going through.  
  • Help them create a list of things they are looking forward to once they get home from school.
  • Stick to a routine as much as possible. Predictability helps to ease anxiety.
  • Remind them just how strong, brave and capable they are!

It is important to be mindful of how we present our own thoughts and anxiety to our kids. They are watching how you are reacting to all of the changes recently and will feed off of your feelings of either calm and confident or worried and anxious.

Below are links to a list of positive affirmations to help your student, along with more resources and tips-geared more toward k-5 students but still helpful information for older students as well!

Click here for Positive Affirmations

Click here for more tips and resources

As always, please reach out to either of the counselors with any questions or concerns!

In Wellness,

Your SEAC team: Sara Davidson (K-5) Coleen Henderson (6-12)

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