Teachers Receive  Grants & Prizes

Congratulations goes out to some of our Bethel Elementary School staff who have recently secured grants and monies to benefit our students and staff.

Mrs. Sara Davidson, our elementary social emotional wellness counselor, received a $1,000 grant from the Tipp Foundation to help service the staff wellness needs. The monies will be used to provide wellness materials to staff as they navigate all the stressors that come with educating our students during this COVID time period.


Mrs. Jaime Strobridge, one of our first grade teachers in the building, received a grant with prize money totaling $500 along with 500 Bonus Points through a Scholastic grant.  Mrs Strobridge applied for the James Patterson grant and will put her winnings to good use.  The money and bonus points will be put towards purchasing the best books for kids to help entertain, inspire and excite them across many genres.

We are always proud of the extra efforts our staff puts in to secure grants for the benefit of our students.  Thank you, Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Strobridge.  You are APPRECIATED!