Bethel Local Schools In the News

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” —William James

#BethelLegacy is more than a hashtag.  It's a motto that honors the sense of community that was set by generations of Bethel families before us-- believing that community is more than a location, it is relationship in action/service to improve the state of another's being. 

It is with great pride that our school board and  administration  are working together alongside Garman Miller to create opportunities that will continue to cultivate that sense of community in our district.

As we begin two building projects, the goal is to provide state-of-the-art facilities for students, staff and families to experience the tradition that is #BethelLegacy.   We will be utilizing resources that have been provided by the state to construct the best possible facilities to cultivate a deeper culture of connection.  Among many other things, these facilities will be a place where students can be educated with excellence, learn the value of hard work in extracurriculars (on the new track/field), and serve the public, all while nurturing the longstanding sense of community in Bethel. 

We are proud to have the Dayton Business Journal do a feature article sharing the details of what will be a part of this generation's legacy in the district. 

#BethelLegacy #OneBethel 

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