Calling Bethel Community Members to Take Action


#BethelLegacy is  a motto that you're beginning to see more and more. We are proud of the rich legacy that generations before worked so hard to leave for us.  We are committed to continuing the legacy of community that Bethel has been built upon. 

Together we are #OneBethel. Our growing and diverse district honors our deep sense of community, by serving alongside one another to make a positive impact! 

#BethelLegacy is #OneBethel in action to achieve a common goal.   Today, we are calling on you demonstrate the  power of community!

It's time to take action. Right now we have an opportunity to rally together and show the impact that #OneBethel can make- a $4.1 million dollar impact!  

On Dec 15th,  2020, Bethel Local Schools announced that it has joined hundreds of school districts  statewide to support the Fair School Funding Plan, as introduced in the Ohio House as Sub. H.B.  305 and the Ohio Senate as S.B. 376, and is urging lawmakers to seize this moment to make  history for Ohio's K-12 public schools.  

BLS loses $4.1 million in state funding per year. The passage of this bill will provide the necessary funding we need to operate our district and will provide relief to our local taxpayers as well. 

According to Superintendent Firks, the current funding system is broken and unconstitutional; its  provisions have not objectively determined relationship to cost or need.  Firks stated, “House Bill  305 is the best school funding plan to date. It will make a significant difference in the educational  delivery model that we can provide at Bethel Local Schools. In addition, it will provide more  state funding for schools, with less reliance on property taxes from our stakeholders. All in all, it  is win for our students, our school district and our community.

Superintendent Firks said he believes the plan is fair for students and taxpayers, eliminates         arbitrary caps on funding increases, reduces artificial guarantees and respects local control.

 In addition to Bethel Local Schools and hundreds of other districts across Ohio, four of Ohio's   most influential and prestigious educational organizations also declared their support for the Fair  School Funding Plan: Ohio Association of School Business Officials, Buckeye Association of   School Administrators, Ohio School Boards Association, Ohio Federation of Teachers and Ohio  Education Association.   (Read full article here...)

This Bill was passed in the House (in spite of our State Rep Jena Powell, voting no) and is currently stalled in the Senate. THEREFORE IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT WE ALL CONTACT OUR  SENATOR TO EXPRESS  SUPPORT FOR HOUSEBILL 305  AND DEMAND THE SENATE PASS THIS BILL!

Senator Stephen A. Huffman
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square Ground Floor 
Columbus, OH 43215
Hometown: Tipp City
(614) 466-6247

Representative Jena Powell
District 80
77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone (614) 466-8114
Fax      (614) 719-3979 

***Please share this article on all your social media platforms  so that together, our voices can make a $4.1 million difference in Bethel Local School District and an even larger impact in the state of Ohio.