Making Memories

Good morning and welcome to “Wellness Wednesday” from your schools’ SEAC (Social Emotional Awareness Counselors) Team.  Check out the news feed! Today’s Topic: Making Memories  #bethellegacy#onebethel#wellnesswednesday#makingmemories

This week we would like to encourage you to set time aside to make intentional memories with your families. Ending 2020 making fun memories with your loved ones is a great way to end this hard year.

Here is a Bingo Board with a few ideas for you! We would love to see what you decide to do together! 

Please tag us on our Instagram account, @thebethelbees and you may just encourage others to do the same with their families!

Family Bingo Board

As always, if you have any questions about your child(ren)’s mental health, please feel free to contact your Bethel SEAC Team. 

In Wellness,

Your SEAC Team: Sara Davidson (Grades: K-5)  Coleen Henderson (Grades: 6-12)