Statistically through the years, kids are on the internet more than ever.  On average children ages 5-7 spend on average up to 8 hours a week on the internet, children ages 8-11 spend up to 13 hours a week, children 12-15 spend up to 22 hours, and over age 15 even more.  With internet usage being a staple of everyday life for many, we are highlighting internet safety tips for kids.  At school, many times kids have gotten into trouble for things other students say using their account (because of shared passwords), kids have had pictures of friend’s unsafe behavior (but they don’t report because they don’t know what to do), cyberbullying (they don’t report because they don’t want to be a “snitch”), etc  A lot of times adults in the childrens’ lives will review this when they gain access to technology, but constant reminders and conversations regarding internet safety is very important in navigating the world of adolescent internet usage.  

As always, if you have any questions about your child(ren)’s mental health, please feel free to contact your Bethel SEAC Team. 

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Your SEAC Team: Sara Davidson (Grades: K-5)  Coleen Henderson (Grades: 6-12)